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What to Look for in a VoiceOver Artist

What to Look for in a VoiceOver artist

When selecting a Voice-Actor or VoiceOver Artist for your recording project, there are several traits you should look for. It’s important that your actor has the ability to immerse your audience in their words, capture their attention and hold it. Learning the skills it takes to make your recording stand out will help you choose the right talent for the job.


You want your artist to be flexible in their ability to act. Putting on different personas or vernaculars to match the project being worked on is a huge part of voice-acting. Finding the right voice for the recording is key, and having the ability to change it up when necessary can make or break a recording. Remember, we want to keep the audience immersed in what they’re listening to.


A key skill to look for is enunciation. Your actor must be clear and concise in their reading, to be able to articulate the content to your listener and make sure every word is heard. If your actor is mumbling through a passage or tripping over their words, no ones going to be able to get through a chapter.


The same rule applies to finding the right pace. Too fast and the listener can’t keep up, too slow and they’ll start to lose interest. It’s important to find that balance and to read at an appropriate speed so that your audience can follow along and understand everything being conveyed to them.


Last up is having clarity. Tying back to enunciation, the way your artist articulates their phrases, plays an important role in the quality of your recording. It’s true that achieving clarity is part of the Sound Engineer’s job, but the same can be said for the actor. I recommend practicing passages beforehand to prepare, giving you an idea of how things should sound. This will also help with keeping pace and give you an opportunity to try different reading styles.

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