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Tips + Tricks: 5 Production Tips for Beginners


5 Production Tips For Beginners

Here are 5 quick tips for beginners in audio production…

  1. Find a good quick fix autotune plug-in– To be clear, it is important to try to find an autotune that can get more in depth if you are in this for business. However, it is extremely helpful to have something that can make the pitch sound smoother without sounding like T-Pain. The best part—a lot of these are free. I personally use the free version of MAutoPitch and I could not recommend it enough. Just plug in the key your song is in and play around with the settings until you find what sounds right!
  2. Autotune isn’t just for vocals Speaking of autotune, I wouldn’t recommend this for every single live melodic instrument, but if there are some audible pitch mistakes in your live audio, throwing a pitch correction plug-in on it and editing it just slightly can keep the tone of the instrument while fixing small pitch errors.
  3. Make the clip gain uniform by cutting up clips Obviously you’re going to have some volume changes in certain parts of the song for emphasis. What happens when the volume of specific parts is constantly shifting, or gets too high or low? There’s a simple(yet tedious) solution. Cut the specific part where the problem lies so that it is separated from the rest of the clip, adjust the clip gain to the desired level, do so for the rest of the clip, then consolidate it all back together. Is it a little time consuming? Yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes. ProTools, Ableton & Logic have their own versions of what Avid calls “Clip Gain”…
  4. Don’t be afraid to try extremes Trust me, I understand the feeling of being too scared to fully commit to an effect or a pitch change because you’re worried about sounding too artificial or messing up somewhere. But, stepping into the cliche for a second, nothing is going to happen if you’re too scared to make it happen. You can always undo and reset, but you have to go for it first. Take that fear and try doing exactly what scares you. You might see that you were holding yourself back.
  5. Lastly, be creative!– You would think that this one should be the most obvious, but I can promise you that many artists in this generation stick to a very standard, formatted design because they see that it works for famous musicians. Something to think about though is that, while these things are popular now, they started off with a unique idea that nobody has heard before. Then people find it and follow the trend. What you need to decide is whether you want to set the trends, or be one of the followers. Try new ideas, especially if people think the idea is crazy. Some of the craziest ideas end up being the best. This whole industry started off based on that creativity, and audiences will value it. Be bold and you are one hundred percent more likely to succeed. 
  6. -Tasha Beck