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How do I get my music into movies?

How to get my music into movies. Music Placement Companies to check out.

by Sofiya Nayda


Passive income is key in music production these days, which means letting music placement services have access to your material to position them to make money non-exclusively. Basically money while you sleep and not giving up any rights to your music / intellectual property to do so.


Founded in 2011, Musicbed has become the go-to for music licensing. Musicbed has some of the best songs in their database. The company has served over 170,000 clients, including Amazon, Nike, Sony, and Netflix and holds over 600 artists whose work they tailor to each client.

With a large music library and top-industry clients, Musicbed only accepts submissions bi-annually and they update the song library weekly. If you have quality songs that would be perfect for a motion picture, TV show, or an ad, visit the Musicbed knowledge base and sign up for notifications regarding submission dates. If you’re a songwriter who wants to be an artist, keep in mind: Musicbed has a two-way integration with Spotify; the company creates playlists on Spotify for clients to listen to on the app, if they choose not to use the browser. 



Founded in 2008, Jingle Punks have been servicing big TV, film, brands, and radio clients like NBC’s The Voice, Viacom, Pepsi, and Bravo TV. They have over 4000 independent artists, bands, and composers on their roster and employ over 50 people. Their offices are located in NYC, LA, Toronto, and London.

To submit your music to Jingle punks, visit the music submission page. Keep in mind, they split 50/50 and they only offer an exclusive license agreement for a year which automatically renews until you state otherwise. 



Epidemic Soundis popular among YouTube content creators. The company works exclusively with artists not registered with PROs; however, Epidemic Sound pay artists upfront for their work in exchange for complete ownership and exclusive financial rights to the music.

You can sell your track for $100-$1000. You get no royalties or ownership; however, their team pushes songs onto streaming playlists (i.e. Spotify) and splits all streaming revenue with artists 50/50. If your music is the perfect fit for content creators, you can get in touch with them on their artist page.



Brain Candy Management is a smaller Nashville-based label that handles licensing. On the scene since 2016, the label is relatively young but shows lots of promise to independent artists who don’t want to be taken advantage of by the big labels.

With a relatively small roster of music compared to the big libraries, Brain Candy Management is on the lookout for fresh talent. The label offers a non-exclusive agreement at a 70/30 split and they payout upon the receipt of the music. Unlike Epidemic Sound you must be registered to a PRO, and have an instrumental version of anything you submit.

If you’re ready to submit, check out the Publishing | Synch | Licensingpage which contains a link to the submission form. To learn more about BCM, you can email BCM at



The relatively new UK-based company Music Vine holds a small catalog of independent bands and artists. This 6-year-old company is the go-to sync library for independent filmmakers looking for emotional and cinematic tracks.

Music Vine offers artists exclusive and non-exclusive agreement, but they limit non-exclusive music to 50% of an artist’s catalog. The song sales with exclusive licenses are split 60/40 (60 to the artist) and the ones with non-exclusive are 35/65 with monthly payments.

To learn more about the process of becoming an artist for Music Vine, please go to their how-it-works page. To submit your music, you can find their music submission form.


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