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Friday Free Plug-in: Pianoverb From PSP


Pianoverb From PSP

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What Is PianoVerb? A Reverb For Piano?

No, Pianoverb From PSP is a reverb which simulates using a piano as a reverb. This is an old technique which involves miking up the strings of a piano and putting a something heavy on the damper pedal. This allows the strings to resonate freely in response to any sound which is loud enough to excite any string of the appropriate pitch.

This is a unique sound and one I’ve tried in the past but without much success. Even with the lid open, or the front off an upright, the sound in the room does have to be frustratingly loud to get the strings going. This plug-in is a frustration-free alternative – and of course you don’t need an acoustic piano.

How Do I Get This Plug-in?

Go to the PSP Website, sign up for a free account or log in if you already have one. Download the installer and the licence install both, restart and you’re good to go. This plug-in doesn’t require an iLok or any authorisation.