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Turn of Events by Sydney Grace

Turn of Events
by Sydney Grace

Sydney Grace "Turn of Events" Album Cover - Produced by Steve Catizone, Recorded at Infinite Recording Studios

“To me, this album is about all that I’ve known, wondered, experienced, not experienced, and have seen. It’s about time not wasted, it’s about deja vu, places that evoke an emotional memory. It’s about what I thought, what I wished for, and what I hope for.

For me, these songs have matched the seasons: the simplicity of the summer, the complexity of the fall, the “not so easy” of the winter and the newness in the spring. These songs that I have written represent a moment in time, a portion of time, or a for some a lifetime. It’s about the possibility of repair, the questions that go unanswered, the conclusions made, the finality of misinterpretation and about accepting the unknown.

I hope everyone can see themselves in the words I have written. I hope that these songs can make your indescribable feelings describable.

I introduce to you “Turn of Events” in hopes that my “Turn of Events” may meet yours.” – Sydney Grace (via Instagram)

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Songs Written & Performed by Sydney Grace
Produced by Steve Catizone
Additional Production by Matthew Heath & Bryan Fennelly
Engineering: Steve Catizone, Matthew Heath
Additional Engineering: Bryan Fennelly
Mixed by Steve Catizone
Mix Assist by Rich Travali
Special thanks to Lucas Fonseca on guitars & Marissa Carano on Violin & Cello