Mixing & Mastering is the combination to getting your song ready to release. Here is a brief explanation of both…


Our team of experienced engineers mix your music to get it to the highest level with state-of-the-art software and hardware. We mix in every style/genre and love to go the extra mile to make your music unique to YOU. If you don’t know it, mixing is the process of combining all elements in your song, sweetening them through various processes and bouncing it down to a stereo WAV & MP3 file. In addition to the main mix we will export out a live performance mix, acapella & instrumental.


After your mix is done, the final process is “the magic”. Mastering makes your mixes wider, louder, clearer and punchier. Its a process where we take the stereo mix and apply additional EQ, Compression, Widening algorithms and any other enhancing/corrective measures that we need to use to get the mix to knock even more than the final mix does.

What comes before Mixing & Mastering?
Read about Recording & Production


(past & present)
Alanis Morissette
Big Sean
Black Eyed Peas
Charlie XCX
Damian Marley
Ernie & The Automatics
Gary Cherone
James Maslow (Big Time Rush)
Best of Friends
Jerry Wonda
Justin Bieber
Rich Travali
Sully Erna
Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)
Tony Maserati
U2 (live global broadcast)
Wyclef Jean