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Create with Courage

Infinite Recording Studio of Boston is the coming together of talented songwriters, producers & engineers from many different backgrounds with a common goal: creating exceptional recordings that express who YOU are with limitless possibilities. We produce in ALL styles, ALL genres, ALL languages.

Challenge us!

See how far we can take your music. In addition to tracking and mixing, Infinite can create YOUR sound by with custom production/beat creation, tracking, mixing & mastering. Let us express who YOU are as an artist.

Make a Difference

Get your message out to the world! Whether you need a trap beat or an orchestral arrangement we have the producer and engineer that can make your vision come alive.

Infinite Potential

We can bring any style to your music so take chances! Let us develop something fresh and new with your music. Don’t limit yourself with a ripped YouTube beat or a bought track that wasn’t custom built for you. Set up a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION with one of our experienced producer/engineers to see what you are truly capable of!

“Custom Made Beats and Music gives
you total control of YOUR music.”

Comfortable Vibe

Air Conditioned

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Free Wifi

Plenty of Parking

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