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Infinite Recording Studios
in Boston / New England

Are you looking for World-Class Recording Studios in Boston / New England area / near me? Look no further.

At Infinite Recording Studios we specialize in
Custom Music • Beats & Production • World-Class Vocal Tracking • Mixing • Mastering • Lessons • Audiobooks & Podcasting

We are songwriters, producers & engineers from many different backgrounds with a common goal: creating exceptional recordings, productions & beats that express who YOU are as an artist, with limitless possibilities in ALL styles, ALL genres & languages. We specialize in Pop, HipHop/Rap, Christian, Rock, Jazz, Soundtrack & Spoken Word. Whether you need a trap beat or an orchestral arrangement we have the producer and engineer for you.


Comfort & Vibe

Free Wifi

Free Water/Tea

Climate Controlled

Plenty of Parking

MBTA Accessible

Infinite Recording is amazing

I have been going to Infinite Recording for several months now and could not recommend a better studio in this area. Infinite Recording is amazing! Steve and Beth are both fantastic and very professional, and the studio is immaculate; they follow the CDC guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety during these times.
-Noa X

A Wonderful Experience

I recently had a wonderful experience recording a podcast with Steve at Infinite Recording! His space is open, welcoming, and very professional. The location is easy to access, with plenty of parking. I highly recommend working with this studio.
-Sarah L

This place is the absolute best in MA

New renovations, good environments, good condition and everything is very professional. Steve and all his engineers are great! Super helpful and awesome equipment. I jammed for hours and had a blast. love Infinite!
-Dela Q

Vocal lessons with Beth are great

Beth has been giving my daughter vocal lessons for a few months now and she has been an amazing teacher. Our daughter has made tremendous progress is a short period of time, thanks to Beth and we never knew how important vocal training was. Not just for musical reasons, but for her health and confidence as well. I highly recommend Infinite Recording.
-George K