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The Podcasting Studio

Our podcast suite features a 3 station interview-style setup, a 4k Camera and stands & lighting for additional Smartphone recording. We have an integrated audio system that allows us to play media clips, YouTube audio & video, Apple Music & Spotify Audio.

The suite is can be booked either with an engineer or without depending on your needs. We are also fully equipped for Audiobook & Radio programming.

Our Lightning fast internet allows for Streaming and Zoom Connectivity with satellite studios & producers.

For more information call us at 617-286-6821 or email us!


Presonus StudioPro 24.4.2
Lewitt LCT 240 Pro Condenser Microphones
Pro Tools 2020
Logic Pro X 10.5
Ableton Live 10.1
Studio One
Mac w/ OSX 10.15

Quick Links: Studio A | Studio B