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The Podcasting Studio



Infinite Recording’s¬†Professional Podcasting Studio Suite features a 3 station interview-style setup, 4k Camera & lighting, as well as support for additional Smartphone recording. We have an integrated audio system that allows us to play media clips, YouTube audio & video, Apple Music & Spotify Audio, as well as remote patching for telephone, Zoom, FaceTime & Skype calls (other call in platforms are available upon request).

The podcasting suite is can be booked with an engineer or without depending on your needs. We are fully equipped for Audiobook, Voiceover, ADR Dialog Replacement & Radio recording. Our Lightning fast internet allows for Streaming and Zoom Connectivity with satellite studios & producers.

Podcasting is a cheap way to market your ideas and products, talk about current events, get your name or product out there, and create amazing content that others will be excited to hear. Podcasting is as simple or as complex as you want to make it. A podcast could just consist of a single voice or it could be set up interview style with up to 3 people in the studio and countless remote call-ins.


Apogee Ensemble
Lewitt LCT 240 Pro Condenser Microphones
Pro Tools 2020
Logic Pro X 10.5
Ableton Live 10.1
Mac w/ OSX 10.15

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